All About The Crazy Jap


Don’t let the Jap eyes fool you I’m 100% South African, with a bit of Japanese blood running through my veins. I’m 24 years old born and bred in Cape Town, yip one of the most beautiful cities in the...dare I say whole world (hahaha). I can describe myself to be a crazy, daring, fun, happy go lucky, down to earth and friendly kind of guy...Oh and my girlfriend says I’m sweet and loving too. My friends describe me as ‘The Crazy Jap’ hence the name of my blog. Anyways, I’m not one for writing, art and design is what I do best, so what you’ll find on my blog is just that. My friends, family, girlfriend, previous educators and lecturers, have always encouraged me to exhibit my art work or share it with other people. Since I’m working towards establishing a name for myself in the design world, my blog is the one way of me doing so. Art is my medium of expression, plain and simple. My designs can be looked at and interpreted in whichever way you like; you don’t have to know what my designs meant to me, I’m all about providing people with the visual fantasy to create whatever story they want.

Nothing in particular inspires me to create a great design...that’s because everything inspires me. From the smallest texture or object on the floor, to tap water, anything and everything inspires me. I design things according to how I feel and what I’ve experienced. Basically whatever I see in my mind at any point in time, I put on paper. I eat, breathe and live design. I don’t need a wave of depression and sadness or happiness to hit me for me to create something, my mind is constantly in design mode. Those who know me know that I have an obsession for Cartoon characters; this obsession is influenced by Japanese Animation. I absolutely dig Toki Doki and have much respect for his style.

Besides art and design, I have a great passion for skateboarding, it’s these activities which kept me off the street and out of trouble when I was younger and I guess they’ve just remained with me ever since, taking me on the most amazing life journeys. I’m currently a Graphic designer for one of the most awesome design agencies in Cape Town, Creative Workshop (Yes Vik, i said it....Now do I get a salary increase for that, LOL). When I’m not hard at work, I’m chilling with my hommies jamming on our Xbox’s and Psp’s, listening to Hip Hop and Dubstep tracks, watching anime, occasionally clubbing, pumping weights and spending quality time with my lady walking on the beach, watching chick flicks (gotta keep my girl happy ) or just snuggling.

In a nutshell art and design allows me to express my creative inner world and allows me complete freedom, with no limitations to do what I do best and that is to take ordinary everyday things and morph them into a Landon original.


So now you know a little about me, keep posted for more of my designs, photo gallery and soon to be launched clothing range. Thanks to all who have visited and everyone in my life who supports me.


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